Sensual Devotion

A tongue moving So sweetly So lovingly Enjoying and devouring The sound of wetness Arousing Hardening a bud Layers of petals and soft teddy bear   Contrasting tempos Soft, sweet, delicate Listening to the rain Feeling your love   Sucking, intense Felt along every nerve Involuntary writhing Moaning without a care Gripping hair and headboard… Continue reading Sensual Devotion

Looking at you..

Dear Frank Looking at you while you smokeThose beautiful eyes, the door to your soulThe hair, i love it just as it isYour lips are perfect. Full. Staring at your lips makes me think of the moment mine touches yours, when I smell you and feel you. So dark today. My rebellious bad boy. You… Continue reading Looking at you..

The elements of Frankey

The smell of cherryThe way he walksThe way he standsThe star around his neck From work, from homeAlways cool The look in his eyeAs reflective as a mirrorWhen he says ‘I mean’ and ‘look’ I listen and get lost in him On a call, I picture his faceThe dark hairThe movement of his lipsThe eyebrowsThe… Continue reading The elements of Frankey

Eat. Smoke. Love.

Dear Ruby I’m sitting outside your door right now just having a smoke; feeling the early spring breeze drift over my skin, the exhausts of cars carol away at my excitement, and content from being here at your place. You’re in the room right now, while I’m lost in translation, as all I can hear… Continue reading Eat. Smoke. Love.

It was inevitable..

Dear Frank Was this as inevitable as I think it is? Could we have chosen differently? You avoided me at the beginning. Maybe it should have stayed that way.For you, I was already in your mind. Your dreams of me, started as soon as you met me. For me, it was when you finally started… Continue reading It was inevitable..